Copy Drupal webform validation rules manually

Today, I was assigned a task to internationalize Drupal web forms that were built using webform module in addition to
a second module called webform validation which allows custom validation rules.
Also, we had webform localization module installed to provide multilingual features like syncing form properties across different translations. However, and after testing, it seems that it doesn't sync/copy validation rules created in source form across translated forms.
My first thought was "I'm sure there is another X module or
a patch of some kind that fixes the issue". Unfortunately, there wasn't any! So to do it manually (yeah I know it's kinda of bad idea) I headed to PHPMyAdmin to find following tables:

  • webform_component stores form components (fields) like
  • webform_validation_rule which contains rules definition like name, validator type (e.g. regex) and error message.
  • webform_validation_rule_components this references two columns, ruleid from webform_validation_rule and cid from webform_component